The Wilburn Brothers

Doyle (1930-1982) and Teddy (1931-2003) Born in Hardy, Arkansas, these brothers were child performers in an act called The Wilburn Family. They were brought to the Grand Ole Opry by Roy Acuff in the 1940s. Due to child labor laws, the Wilburns were forced to leave the Grand Ole Opry after only six months, however, continued to travel and were regulars on the Louisiana Hayride from 1948-51. They had their first hit record in 1954 titled “Sparkling Brown Eyes.” Other hits include “Go Away With Me” (1956), “Which One Is to Blame” (1959), “Trouble’s Back in Town” (1962), “It’s Another World” (1965), and “Hurt Her Once for Me” (1967). The Wilburn Brothers were Opry members from 1953 until Doyle’s death in 1982 and Teddy continued with the Opry as a solo artist until his own death in 2003.